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Convenient Nonimmigrant Work Visas for Nationals of NAFTA Countries

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We can answer your questions about TN visas (sometimes called NAFTA visas). And we can do more than answer your questions. We can analyze your circumstances and professional needs and give you the information you need to decide which visa program best matches your goals. To schedule a consultation, call toll free 800-530-7444 or use our online contact form.

The Advantages of TN Visas Over H-1B Visas for Citizens of Canada and Mexico

TN visas are called NAFTA visas because they were created as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) among the United States, Canada and Mexico. TN visas are nonimmigrant work visas for professional workers with undergraduate degrees — people like engineers and architects. They are similar in function to H-1B visas but with several advantages.

  • H-1B visas have an annual cap. whereas TN visas do not. TN visa applicants are not subject to restrictive caps like H-1B visas.
  • TN visa applicants bring their completed visa application to the consulate or the border. They submit their applications and receive admission (if the application is complete) immediately.
  • TN visas are less restrictive in terms of length of stay.

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