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Employers Seeking Temporary H-1B Workers

The H-1B program allows a U.S. employer to employ a foreign worker in the U.S. on a temporary nonimmigrant basis in a specialty occupation. A specialty occupation is defined as a position that requires the theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge. The employee must have a bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in the specific specialty (e.g., engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, computer sciences, architecture, accounting, law, theology, arts, medicine and health care, education, biotechnology, and business specialties, etc.).

Approval Process

An approved H-1B visa will be valid for up to three years. However, a foreign worker can be in H-1B status for a continuous period of up to six years. After the H-1B expires, the foreign worker must remain outside the U.S. for one year before another H-1B petition can be approved. Certain foreign workers with labor certification applications or immigrant visa petitions (“Green Card” applications) in process for 365 days or longer may stay in the United States in H-1B status beyond the normal six-year limit, in one-year increments (or three years under certain circumstances such as an approved I-140 with a priority date that is not current).

The H-1B nonimmigrant visa is a temporary work visa. It is a dual intent visa; an H-1B visa holder may seek a green card (permanent resident card). People who have an H-1B visa may seek an H-4 visa to allow an immediate family member, including a spouse or child under 21, to live in the United States. H-4 visa holders may not obtain paid employment while in H-4 status.

Petition For An H-1B Visa

Employers seeking to bring a worker to the United States through an H-1B visa must submit a petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Prior to filing the petition with the USCIS, the employer must file a labor condition application (LCA) with the Department of Labor. A certified LCA must be included with the H-1B petition filed with the USCIS.

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