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L-1A Visas And L-1B Visas: Different Requirements

The L-1A visa is an intracompany transfer visa for foreign nationals who are executives or managers of U.S.-based companies. The L-1A is also available for foreign nationals who own foreign businesses and wish to open a branch in the United States.

The initial time limit for an L-1A for an executive or manager is three years, extendable to five years in total. The initial time limit for an L-1A visa for a foreign business owner is one year, also extendable to five years.

The L-1A category does not require a PERM labor certification in order to pursue a green card.

The L-1B visa is an intracompany transfer visa for “specialized knowledge professionals” who are foreign national employees of a U.S. company. The purpose of the L-1B visa is to allow the U.S. company to bring the employee to the United States to perform his or her specialized work. The L-1B visa is also available to “specialized knowledge workers” of foreign companies that do not yet have a United States branch. In these circumstances, the L-1B visa allows the company to send the specialized knowledge worker to the United States in order to set up a new branch of the foreign business.

This sub-category of the L-1 visa requires a PERM labor certification by the U.S. Department of Labor in order to pursue the green card.

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