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Political Asylum

Political Asylum Lawyers in Worcester

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Political asylum applications can be filed either proactively or defensively. An individual who is persecuted in his or her home country can apply for political asylum in order to immigrate to the United States. This is a proactive use of a political asylum application. A defensive reactive use of a political asylum application is in the case of deportation or removal proceedings. An individual can use a political asylum application to try to stop or block a deportation proceedings, if removal to the home country would result in persecution.

At the Worcester-Boston area immigration law firm of Tadmor & Tadmor, LLP, our nationally recognized immigration lawyers have a demonstrated dedication to the rights of political asylum seekers. As attorneys who focus exclusively on immigration law, we also have the current knowledge necessary to understand the constantly shifting landscape of political asylum and refugee immigration.

If you have questions about a political asylum application for yourself or a family member, we encourage you to our Worcester immigration law office for a confidential consultation. Call toll free 800-530-7444 or contact us online.

Political Asylum Petitions in the United States

Our political asylum lawyers know how to help clients find and collect persuasive evidence to help build a strong and convincing political asylum argument, and we help our asylum clients make strong applications with a good chance of success.

Under United States immigration law, political asylum may be granted to a foreign national who is a member of a group that is being singled out in the home country for torture, abuse or persecution.

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